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How do I dispose of a piano?

From a piano lover's point of view, preferably not at all. 

And if the day does come when, for various reasons, there no longer seems to be a simple alternative to disposal - then please 'dispose of it' properly. In other words, get rid of this worry with the good feeling of having done the right thing.

If selling, lending and giving away are no longer options, it is worth reading our offer on sustainable piano disposal. Please check

The following three basic options - keep - give away - scrap with variants - would be a good decision. With all these options, it is important to note the stricter legislation on ivory since 19 January 2022, see our article 'Ivory keys on pianos?‘.

Keep the piano

Is there a place in the living area where the instrument is still a visual enrichment, can be a nice storage space - and a chance for visitors with a passion for the piano to make music?

Store the piano

If it is economically and/or emotionally worthwhile, one option would be to have the instrument professionally stored. This will allow you to make the right decision at a later date. Cellars, garages etc. and unprofessional storage are not suitable for this! Please also read our offer.

Lending a piano

Why not make someone else happy with the instrument? If there is a buyer in the family or circle of friends, the instrument remains in your possession, has a better place and is looked after and used.

Invest into the piano

Both for your own use and for a possible sale, you should check whether an investment in the instrument is economically worthwhile. This requires experienced and independent expert advice, as an investment in the sense of a better sale is rarely economically worthwhile for an owner. Read our offer for Piano Evaluation or Piano Restoration.

Piano verkaufen

Wenn das Piano noch einen Abnehmer finden kann, würde ein Verkauf das Angenehme (Erlös) mit dem Nützlichen (Fortbestand) verbinden. Einsetzbare Instrumente sind für Klavierspieler interessant.  Wert und möglicher Preis sind über ‚gegen Gebot’ am besten zu testen. Renovierungsbedürftige Instrumente ggf. für Händler. Als Laie kann der Verkauf jedoch schwierig und zeitraubend werden. Lesen Sie dazu auch unser Angebot zu Piano Purchase or Piano Evaluation.

Placing a piano on consignment

If a sale is still interesting and possible for a professional, a consignment solution could be the best solution for both parties. For particularly valuable and unique instruments, we offer consignment solutions by arrangement. Please send us details of your instrument.

Donating a piano

Of course, it would be nice if a kind gesture could bring the instrument back to a place in need. Kindergartens, schools, refugee shelters, retirement and nursing homes, regional museums, etc. can all benefit from this. However, most of these places already have more than enough, so the well-intentioned idea is rarely realisable.

Giving away a piano

If the attempt to sell the piano has failed even after several price reductions, the only option may be to advertise it as a gift, for example on Ebay classifieds. Depending on the type and condition of the piano and, above all, its location (transport costs), you may be able to find a buyer.

Disassemble the piano

On the surface, a piano may look easy to dismantle - but there are many details in the details that can cause injury and damage, so we strongly advise against dismantling it yourself - even in living rooms. No piano butchery, please! The tension on the strings, the weight of individual parts and the nature of the materials are not suitable for amateur dismantling of the piano. Under no circumstances should this be done in living rooms and without protective clothing or respiratory protection. Even well-maintained instruments contain substances (dust, oxidants, lead, mould, etc.) that can damage the entire environment and our respiratory system if we disassemble them. And please - even if it looks so romantic - do not place pianos in the wilderness. Lesen Sie besser uns Angebot zu Piano-Entsorgung.

Scrapping a piano

Most waste management companies regard a piano as bulky or combustible waste, i.e. as a disused household item that cannot be put into an 80-litre residual waste bin with a reasonable amount of shredding. Depending on regional circumstances, a piano can be handed in to waste disposal companies with or without a fee (approx. 150.00 euros). There are also the transport costs. It is then often incinerated in its entirety or partially dismantled. We do not recommend scrapping via waste disposal companies that do not specialise in pianos. Better read our offer on piano disposal.

Piano recycling

If there is absolutely no other use for the piano, recycling is the most sensible option. Quite apart from the emotional value of the piano and its sometimes over one hundred years of history, it is best and most sustainable in view of its ecological value to have it professionally dismantled into its component parts and - depending on their condition and value - to put them to suitable new uses. Over hundreds of hours, more than 10,000 parts with a total weight of 150 to 500kg were used in the piano. These included resources that have become very rare today, as well as materials that are sometimes harmful to health. Recycling requires expertise, specialised tools and processes as well as know-how in the handling of recyclable and residual materials. We are the first port of call for this. Better read our offer on piano disposal.

Pianos not only often have a high emotional value, but also valuable components. We give individual components a new lease of life in a new guise, because beautiful objects can be made from the wood or decorative elements, for example. So if you decide to have your piano recycled by us, we can also offer you beautiful mementos.


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