You will always find a fine selection of exquisite instruments from the golden era of piano building. In the field of hand play instruments - called pianos on our pages - we are specialized in concert grand pianos, jubilee grand pianos and artcase instruments with a special preference for the brands Blüthner, Steinway, Feurich, Bechstein and Rönisch. In the field of self-playing instruments - called 'Pianolas' on our pages - we are specialized in reproduction instruments of the leading manufacturers Welte, Hupfeld, Philipps, Ampico and Aeolian. But more important for us than brand is quality!

A selection of renovated instruments shows the possible quality of our work. In the majority of cases our pianos and pianolas find new owners in their original condition and can be renovated by our experts according to their wishes. Matching the instruments you will find a unique repertoire of accessories - candlesticks, stools, music rolls and much more. Our customers include beginners, professional pianists, museums, universities and institutes all over the world. We will also find your unique instrument of choice on request. In addition to purchase, we also offer flexible models such as 'rent', 'loan' or 'payment plan' based on monthly payments.

You are welcome to have a look around - by clicking on Pianos or Pianolas.