Do we buy your piano?

We are always looking for special pianos and pianolas, the treasures from the golden era. As beautiful as many pianos are, we only buy instruments from before 1940 - and even from that time only certain instruments.

We are looking for the following instruments in original condition - you are very welcome to offer them to us: 

  • - Pianos and grand pianos of the brands: Steinway & Sons, Bechstein or Blüthner
  • - Concert grand pianos of every brand from a length of 2,20m
  • - Jubilee wings (among others from Blüthner, Feurich, etc.)
  • - Brand instruments with very small serial numbers (1-3 digits)
  • - Magnificent artcase instruments of every brand
  • - Pianos and grand pianos of exceptional design (desk pianos, etc.)
  • - PIANOLAS in every design

In addition, we are always looking:

  • - Music rolls in every design
  • - Accessories (stools, candlesticks, keys, etc.) in particularly beautiful design
  • - Documents (catalogues, brochures, advertisements, invoices, etc.) from before 1940
  • - Accessories (pictures, prints, etc.) on the subject of PIANO and PIANOLA from before 1940


If you have something of this kind to offer, we look forward to hearing from you! Here you will find our FASZINATIONPIANOLA instrument form to provide us with information and pictures. We will get in touch with you as soon as we have the appropriate offers.

Please note the stricter EU rules for the purchase / sale of pianos with ivory as key covering since 19.01.2022. We have compiled details on this page.

If you can no longer find a buyer for your piano, please also read our offers for piano storage and disposal.