Storage of your piano...

In our blog post How do I store a piano? we describe important points regarding piano storage. We have decades of experience in handling and storing high-quality pianos. We offer this service to all piano lovers who want to have their instrument in professional hands in a safe place among other valuable pianos. For us, this includes transparent clarification of the order, professional collection, documented storage and removal, regular service during storage and careful return transport including initial service. Every instrument and every instrument owner can bring in his own individual wishes.

If you would like a quotation for storage, you can click on one of the offers to access our FASZINATIONPIANOLA instrument form. We will contact you immediately after receiving the information about your instrument with a concrete offer.

Different instruments - individual offers!

You can choose between different types of storage, from the inexpensive storage of upright pianos and grand pianos in need of renovation (upright) to the ready-to-play installation of high-quality instruments - with the option of additional services, so that your instrument receives first-class care even during storage. All instruments are always stored in secure and locked rooms, climate-controlled and protected from vermin.

Our 4 offers for piano storage

1 - Store piano!

Store a well-playable piano in such a way that it retains its quality - safe, well air-conditioned, checked incoming and outgoing, regularly inspected.
From 49,95 Euro per month plus transport and storage/retrieval.
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2 - Store Grand Pianos!

Store a well-playable grand piano IN A SITUATED (!) position so that it retains its quality - safe, well air-conditioned, entrance and exit tested, regularly inspected.
From 89,95 Euro per month plus transport and storage/retrieval.
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3 - Book additional service!

Interior cleaning, regular playing (agility), tuning and service of the instrument (photo documented). Optional own visits.
From 29,95 Euro per month.
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4 - Store unrenovated!

To store a currently unplayable instrument safely and preserve it for later renovation or sale.
From 29.95 Euro per month plus transport and storage/retrieval.
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We offer your instrument a safe place to stay until you have space and time for it again. This way you can be sure that your piano is in good hands during breaks in use, moves, house renovations, longer stays abroad, inheritance clarifications, infant related space shortages, creative playing breaks, etc. and that it will not be damaged during storage.

This is how your piano comes and goes.

To ensure that your piano is not damaged on the way to storage, during storage or when it is returned, we work exclusively with piano transport professionals who carry out insured and well-documented transports on your behalf or on ours.

Storage does not mean without service.

A piano wants to be played and has to be played - likewise it needs a tuning and the small service regularly every 12-24 months to maintain value and function. We therefore offer as an option the regular playing, cleaning and service of the stored pianos. Above all, valuable pianos should be treated in the same way, i.e. they should remain erected and ready to play - no tilting over the lyre during transport, no permanent storage upright, no permanent covering, no long-term non-use etc. We offer this special service as an option.

Stored - your piano is looking forward to your visit!

In consultation, a stored instrument can of course be visited and played. This preserves the relationship and joy.

Self-delivery - no problem!

Instruments can be delivered by ourselves in consultation - or we offer professional transport by specialist companies on our behalf. The instruments will be checked for condition on acceptance for storage and removal from storage, each with photo documentation. Instruments with pest infestation cannot be stored untreated. We offer professional treatment by specialist companies on request and for an additional charge to ensure the restoration and protection of the instruments.

We're looking for something lasting.

Basically we realize longer-term storage (from 6 months) for high-quality instruments. In individual cases, we can also agree shorter storage periods for an additional charge. The monthly costs depend on the type of storage and the type and size of the instruments. Transport, storage/removal and service are charged separately. As specialists for upright and concert grand pianos, we can preferably handle these instruments as well.

If you consider to part with your instrument permanently, we also offer purchase, commission and recycling of certain instruments. If you would like to use the time of your instrument's absence for renovation, please contact us for an offer on renovation work.

Simply inform us of your storage concerns using our FASZINATIONPIANOLA instrument form.