Piano renovations...

Some instruments have survived the decades in astonishing preservation and tonal beauty. Nevertheless, even a well-maintained instrument needs careful treatment at some point in order to shine and sound again in all its glory.

In our blog post Tuned, refurbished, renovated or restored? we describe different conditions and requirements. In principle, any instrument can be restored, regardless of its condition. The question of profitability remains to be decided subjectively.

Experts work for and with us!

We work with a few selected experts in Germany who are masters of their trade and who specialize in working with instruments from the Golden Era. We also have surface work done in Europe's piano manufacturing centre in Kalisz (Poland). Like everywhere else - many master the craft, but only a few master the art. Even though our main focus is on the renovation of instruments from our inventory, we also offer these services for your instruments.

So if you have an instrument from before 1940 and would like to see first-class work done on it, please click here to access our FASZINATIONPIANOLA instrument form. We will contact you as soon as we receive the information about your instrument and discuss the various possibilities.

You want to see examples?

The Gustav Mahler Museum in Hamburg (KomponistenQuartier) made a beautiful film in May 2020 - in the middle of the Corona period. You can see two of our renovated instruments as well as the delivery and an interview. A Feurich Welte-Mignon cabinet, which was on loan until the completion of the Steinway-Welten piano in the museum - and was one of the highlights there.


We will be happy to provide you with references from our work on similar instruments. These are mainly renovations of concert and jubilee grand pianos, upright and reproduction instruments - as well as other artful pianos of leading manufacturers. Our customers include many private music lovers as well as many professional instrument owners, such as pianists, museums and universities.

Restore the former glory.

A particular speciality of ours is the dismantling of instruments according to original drawings or documents. Many a magnificent instrument has been adapted or 'modernized' to the taste of the times and has received straight legs, simple lyre and plate-like music stands. We work together with carvers and woodturners who restore your instrument to its original beauty - so artistically that even connoisseurs can hardly discover it. We are also happy to show you numerous examples of this.

Transparency, fixed prices and always responsive.

Since careful work takes time, we plan with you the best timing and sequence of renovations. Instruments are played in extensively after the renovation work has been completed and are reworked again and again to achieve optimal results. We prefer to have surface renovations polished in shellac, which also takes some time to produce a beautiful and stable surface.

We work reliably, transparently and bindingly towards agreed target dates. By appointment, you can always visit the workshop during the work and see your instrument being repaired. In the meantime, we can provide you with valuable replacement instruments so that you can continue to make music, or in the case of a museum, continue to present an instrument.