Source: Saxon State Archive, State Archive Leipzig.
Hupfeld photobooks

1033 Hupfeld photos

A sensation was the discovery of the Hupfeld business documents in the Saxon State Archives, State Archives Leipzig, which were believed to be lost for a long time. The exact name of the more than 20lfm of documents from the period 1882-1948 is '20903 Leipziger Pianofortefabrik Hupfeld-Gebr. Zimmermann AG'. The Hupfeld documents in the State Archives can be found in several indexing units, which include information on Rönisch in Dresden, the company history, shares and annual reports of Ludwig Hupfeld, as well as correspondence between the Hupfeld headquarters in Böhlitz-Ehrenberg and the branch offices. Here you will find these documents, each of which is also available in digital form, albeit in moderate quality.

In 2018, with the permission and kind support of the State Archives, we sifted through numerous documents on site over a period of several weeks. The Hupfeld photo books, which mainly contain products, sketches and factory photos, aroused the greatest interest. We scanned all the illustrations in these books, a total of 936, on site for a fee. For these illustrations we have the written permission for publication from the Saxon State Archive, State Archive Leipzig. Another photobook (Illustrations 601-700) has been in private ownership for a long time. We are very grateful that we have been able to obtain these additional illustrations and may make them available in the context of the other illustrations with the express permission of the owner.

Thus, more than 1000 Hupfeld illustrations have been preserved and are now accessible to experts and researchers for the purpose of scientific research. These illustrations contain numerous previously unknown and unpublished details. In addition to product illustrations, these include pictures of a Blüthner recording grand piano with signatures of numerous pianists as well as illustrations of music roll production. Further research should focus on whether there have been two other photo books with illustrations 1-100 and 101-200 - which is very likely - and where they are located. The same applies to the whereabouts of numerous illustrations with 300 numbers. With the provision of these illustrations we wish to further promote worldwide research on Hupfeld and hope for valuable results.

We show a preview gallery of these images on our website and only grant access to the actual images for copyright reasons after registration by name. This access is free of charge in order to inspire other people to make available to the research community the sources available there.

If you would like access to these image files for your research work, please fill out this form. After verification, we will activate access to the files located on a secured Google Drive for you by name.


General note: We are grateful for voluntary donations in recognition and support of our great financial and time expenditure for the provision of such documents in our 'Fundus' section - within the framework of §60 c UrhG (German Copyright Act), expressly without the intention of making a profit. If you want to support this voluntarily, you can do so here.

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