With our fascination for pianos and pianolas we are almost always in action - and therefore best reached in writing. You can rarely get us on the phone spontaneously - however always by appointment. Our exhibition is open just by appointment.

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Phone: +49 (0) 89 88 90 20 69 Mobile: +49 (0) 171 5506 271

Postal address

Marc Widuch
Plankstettenstraße 16
80638 Munich



Address: Weil 25, 85229 Weil / Market Indersdorf by appointment only...

By car.
.. Most navigation systems also find this somewhat hidden place in the country. It is important to use the postal code in the navigation system, because there are several places "Weil" in Bavaria, some of which are further away. The street can be found under the terms "Weil 25, Weiler Strasse 25 or also Weiler Gnailes 25". The 'Solarpark Weil' is on the same site.

Coming from Munich you can also drive nicely through the villages and enjoy the beautiful landscape. This is the shortest and not time-consuming way. Otherwise, take the A8 motorway towards Stuttgart and exit at the Sulzemoos, Odelzhausen or Adelzhausen exit - then follow the signs to Altomünster. In Altomünster drive over the beautiful market place and pass the green town hall on the left. Leave Altomünster on this road and follow the road to Eichhofen. After about 1,5km and behind a hilltop you will find the entrance to the former farm on the left - there turn left up the paved road and keep right past the big hall - there you will find us in the transversal building with the inscription 'FASZINATIONPIANOLA.

Coming from Nuremberg, take the A9 at the Allershausen exit and follow the signs to Petershausen and then Altomünster.

With public transportation...
The station Altomünster is easily accessible by train. From there it is 2km to our location. We would be pleased to pick you up from the train in arrangement.


For almost forty years now I have been fascinated by old pianos and pianolas. Even as a child, the piano spark sparked a passion that continues to carry the fascination to this day. This passion also took shape through a childhood friend with whom I was often allowed to be in Hamburg's Steinway & Sons workshops since his father worked there.

My great wish to learn piano or to have one at home was confirmed with the purchase of a guitar 😉. A detour - because the purchase of a piano would have meant too much financial and spatial effort - and probably also because my parents were not sure whether this could only be a fleeting idea. It was not.

Years later, with the support of my parents, I got my first beautiful and unfortunately technically ruined piano (Ludwig Wulff & Co. from Copenhagen) - purchased from a Danish antique dealer. The friendly piano maker, who came for the first tuning, explained me two ways to make this piano playable again - 3.000,00 DM repair or jobbing in the holidays and work off. The second seemed more realistic to me than the student.

My passion for the old instruments led me to convince the friendly piano maker not to further cannibalize the very old pianos, but to leave them to me for little money. Due to lack of space I could not keep all of them and started to sell instruments on. And it was only then that I discovered my real fascination for pianos. Finding pianos and upright pianos from the golden era, discovering their history, having them restored to their original splendour, finding new appreciative hands - and all this in close exchange with enthusiasts and experts all over the world. Touching stories and experiences from the many encounters make up an important part of me today.

Pianolas are a fascination of their own to me, as they aroused an unparalleled enthusiasm, especially in the period 1900-1930, and the musical repertoire on music rolls is an immeasurable treasure. Even after decades the fascination is unbroken.


We are of course very grateful for voluntary donations in recognition and support of our great financial and time commitment to rescue and restore these treasures from the Golden Era. If you wish to support this voluntarily, you can download this here.


Of course we are also happy about donations of rare instruments, accessories or documents. Some of our generous supporters have already handed over their long guarded treasures into our appreciative hands. We are and remain very grateful for this!


Many instruments are waiting to be renovated in order to be restored to their former glory. You can become a sponsor for such rarities and pay the costs for the renovation to make a work of art shine and sound again. A detailed documentation of this restoration and numerous original recordings of the instrument are part of our thanks.