Piano Rating

When the question arises what to do with the piano, you need expert advice. Whether and what a piano is still worth, whether a repair is possible and worthwhile, whether storage, sale or just disposal is the right option - for all this and more, we offer an expert assessment. In our blog post What else is my piano worth? you will find valuable general suggestions.

With the piano experience of decades, current supra-regional market view, thousands of original sources as well as our network of experts, collectors, museums and universities all over the world, we can offer an informed assessment and evaluation for your instrument. You can obtain this from us in two ways.

Please understand that we do not provide free information about your instrument or market prices etc.

Our 2 offers for piano rating

2 - On-site piano assessment!

(approx. 475,00 Euro plus travel time/costs)
If you would like an on-site assessment, we can send a master piano builder to you to make and document a detailed inspection of the instrument on site. On this basis we will prepare a written assessment and evaluation of your instrument.
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In the case of an order for a remote assessment, we will provide you with a written assessment within a maximum of five working days after receipt of payment, usually by email, on the basis of the photos and information provided, which will include the following points


    • - Original quality of the piano brand and model


    • - Apparent condition of the body and surface


    • - Apparent condition of acoustics, keyboard and mechanics


    • - Any critical substance damage and pest infestation


    • - Suspected service/repair requirements


    • - Recommendations on options for action and their cost-effectiveness


    • - Fair value and realistically achievable selling price


If necessary, we will ask for additional details, photos or even audio recordings for remote assessment. If you would like to have this remote assessment confirmed by a master piano builder, we offer this at extra charge. After your request for an on-site assessment, depending on your location, we will clarify the availability and actual costs of a master piano builder, send you a quotation and upon receipt of payment, we will assign the master piano builder to come to you. Subsequently we will send you the written assessment.

If you are interested, we will be happy to send you a sample document of a remote piano assessment or an on-site assessment with our offer.

If you need a court-approved expert opinion, you can obtain a list of recognised experts from the relevant court. We do not offer this service.