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We provide many valuable sources and information that are sure to please all piano and pianola enthusiasts - and advance research into pianos and pianolas from the golden era.

We have invested a lot of time and money in these resources, which are freely available to you here - and intend to continue to do so. We would appreciate, if you'd like to support us. We would be grateful for your help and support. Please help us to find more treasures of this kind, digitize them and make them available here. Thank you very much!

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We love Pianos / Pianolas and offer a lot of extraordinary things on these pages. This involves a lot of time and expenses for us.

We welcome feedback and appreciative support so that we can continue to provide special finds from our worldwide research.


For voluntary contributions at we are very grateful 🤗 in the context of §60 c UrhG, expressly without profit-making intention.

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