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Find out the age and the place of manufacture of your piano

March 29, 2020

Test contribution

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March 16, 2020

Piano Rating

When the question arises what to do with the piano, you need expert advice. Whether and what a piano is still worth, whether a repair [...]
March 16, 2020

Piano details...

Those who love their piano also want to learn more about it and its history. We offer you a special service for this. You can check the age determination [...] free of charge
March 16, 2020

Piano renovations...

Many an instrument has survived the decades in astonishing preservation and tonal beauty. Nevertheless, even a well-maintained instrument needs careful treatment at some point in order to be restored to all its [...]
March 16, 2020

Storage of your piano...

In our blog post How do I store a piano? we describe important points regarding piano storage. We have decades of experience in handling high-quality pianos and [...]