Piano details...

Those who love their piano also want to learn more about it and its history. We offer you a special service for this.

Free of charge you can try the age determination for over 80 manufacturers with our piano age determination. Even for manufacturers not listed here we have serial number information or we can determine the age of the piano and many other details. This also applies to instruments like Welte, Hupfeld, etc..

On the basis of our decades of experience, the huge archive of original documents, research already carried out in state archives and collections, metres of specialist literature and the network of experts, museums and universities all over the world, we offer you individual paid research. If you are primarily interested in piano evaluation and less in the historical details, please read our offer for piano evaluation.

In the heyday of piano manufacturing, the so-called golden era, there were thousands of piano manufacturers. After more than 150 years and several wars, information on these piano manufacturers and their instruments is now only scattered and scattered.

For certain manufacturers (e.g. Steinway & Sons, Ibach, Bechstein etc.) we can also request archive information from the manufacturers on your behalf. There, additional costs arise which we will list in the offer.

In order to be able to make an offer for an individual research on your instrument, please fill out our FASZINATIONPIANOLA instrument form.

Based on the information you provide, we will contact you with an offer or a friendly rejection if we do not have sufficient sources available.

In the case of an order, we will deliver a written summary (pdf, at least 3 pages) by email within ten working days after receipt of payment, which - depending on the source - contains the following points:

    1. Year of manufacture, model name, classification of the piano in the manufacturer's range
    2. Original price list information
    3. Information and picture material about the manufacturer and his offers
    4. Optional: Archive information of the manufacturer
    5. Assessment of the frequency / rarity of your instrument
    6. Time-value estimation of the instrument
    7. Optional: copies of original catalogues, brochures, advertisements
    8. References


If you are interested, we will be happy to send you a sample document with our offer so that you can get an idea of the depth and quality of our service.

Please understand that we do not provide free information about your instrument or market prices etc.