Nothing counts more than the authentic feedback of the people who have placed their trust in us in joint projects, bought instruments from us - and got to know our services.

Here is a video of one of our valued customers delivering a Steinway-Welten piano we renovated - and picking up a rented Feurich-Welt cabinet.


On these pages we would like to present some of these projects and feedback as well as photo galleries. When renovating and restoring instruments, we work together with experts who have a unique command of the various special fields and show here some examples of the results achieved. You will find further examples in our current offers. Many of the feedbacks are quoted from our Ebay transactions and from emails. In the photo galleries we show some particularly beautiful instruments that have already been sold. On request, we are happy to name references in projects - and provide more details.



We are of course very grateful for voluntary donations in recognition and support of our great financial and time commitment to rescue and restore these treasures from the Golden Era. If you want to support this voluntarily, you can do so here.


Of course we are also happy about donations of rare instruments, accessories or documents. Some of our generous supporters have already handed over their long guarded treasures into our appreciative hands. We are and remain very grateful for this!


Many instruments are waiting to be renovated in order to be restored to their former glory. You can become a sponsor for such rarities and pay the costs for the renovation to make a work of art shine and sound again. A detailed documentation of this restoration and numerous original recordings of the instrument are part of our thanks.