What does a Welte T100 (red) piano roll look like?

In 1904 M. Welte & Söhne from Freiburg launched the Welte-Mignon music rolls as the first reproduction rolls on the market. The Welte-Mignon T100 rolls are usually called "Welte red" rolls because the paper used was so strikingly red. The paper is 32.8cm wide. There are Welte red rolls in T100 format but also in other paper colours green and white - depending on the place of manufacture and paper availability. On the mostly wine-red folding music roll boxes, there is a label on the front with the name Welte-Mignon, the roll number, the title and the name of the pianist. At the beginning also the recording date of this piece. As with all roll types, the perforations for the 80 notes are located in the middle area - at the edges there are 10 perforations each for bass and treble emphasis control.

The same label as on the roll box is also on the music roll - since the roll runs from bottom to top, the label is upside down when the roll is inserted. For hanging up in the reel there is a round eyelet at the beginning of the reel.

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