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Here is an example of a major restoration challenge, as this piano was so ruined that it was a decision between keeping it and scrapping it. This Steinway & Sons Model V upright was completed in New York on December 10, 1920, originally in fine mahogany. The piano was last seen at an antique dealer near Washington. The many creative previous owners had painted the piano first green, then blue, then black, almost all of the ivory coverings were cracked or broken off, all of the felts had hardened due to the long period of standing in unfavorable conditions, many of the already soft action woods were brittle and the entire piano was very dirty. The soundboard was cracked, as was part of the bass bridge and one pedal had broken off. The stringing was completely deaf - and despite all these limitations, this piano still showed its potential even in its unrestored state.

The renovation of the piano was carried out using Steinway spare parts and took almost a year. The body was completely re-veneered in order to be able to support the desired black polish. The Steinway & Sons tubular action was extensively repaired. The ivory keys were refinished. Care was taken at every stage to ensure that the Steinway quality was retained. After regulation and voicing by a Steinway expert, the piano sounds impressively beautiful again. It has the typical Steinway & Sons sound of the 1920s and an unusual dynamic range. Today the piano is in the home of a family on Lake Ammersee.

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