Year of manufacture: 1914
Serial number: 29384
Mechanism: Phillips DUCA
Length: 2,15m

This grand piano is probably quite unique. According to the previous owner, it was originally made especially for an American dancing couple, but could no longer be delivered due to the start of the war. So it was bought by a couple in Germany - where it was in its original possession until recently. The Feurich grand piano has a very high quality bird maple finish. As far as we know, this grand piano is unique in its design, as it was made from a customer's sketch. It was sent from Feurich to Philipps in Frankfurt on May 8th 1914 - and had a selling price at Feurich of 1.415,00 Mark - due to the expensive veneer noticeably higher than normal grand pianos. The Philipps Duca reproduction is completely original. Even the original blower cabinet is complete and functional - and its artistic design is a testimony to its time.