Year of manufacture: ca 1901
Serial number: 10396
Mechanism: Hupfeld electric piano
Height: 1,35m

When Ludwig Hupfeld invested farsightedly in the takeover of the J. M. Grob company at the end of the 19th century, the Hupfeld patent 429419 appeared soon after - the so-called electric piano, which could be operated by hand crank and also electrically. The music rolls were made of pressboard in two sizes. These instruments were offered only for a short time until about 1902, when the phonola with paper music rolls was introduced. This piano from the Hupfeld factory was originally also equipped with electric lights and electric drive -in addition to the hand crank-. These, as well as the recording roll- have been lost over the years - but can be recreated in the course of a restoration. The acoustic piano was already renovated years ago.