Digital piano or acoustic piano?

Today's high-end digital pianos offer a quality of sound and functionality that will delight beginners and professionals alike.

Only the stop is, according to our experience, still in need of getting used to or insufficient. Weighted keyboards are standard today - but even with leading manufacturers these keyboards sometimes play very unpleasantly.

Nevertheless it is possible to learn to play the piano well on a digital piano. Not everyone wants and should become a concert pianist. As long as it gives pleasure, it fits.

A digital piano is not an acoustic, or technically accurate, analog piano. The look, feel, sound and playing characteristics of an acoustic piano are still unique. Nevertheless, an acoustic piano needs more attention, i.e. maintaining humidity (constant 50-65%), 1-2 times a year a tuning with minor service work and every 3-5 years a major service. It also needs more - and in addition a climatically suitable - parking space. Electronic systems also have their pitfalls - nevertheless, the expected maintenance effort is significantly lower.

Quite a few of our customers have both in-house. Of course we favour acoustic pianos. These are available in numerous designs, and they can be extended with some advantages if required, such as silent installation, self-playing mechanism, etc.

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