A key for my piano?

Not every piano was delivered then - just like today - with a lock and a key. Why should a piano be locked? In fact, locked pianos are often damaged in the attempt, or anger, to open them. In public places it may be necessary to be able to lock a piano - even there we recommend other systems rather than a simple key.

However, keys are decorative - and where there is a lock, there should also be a key. The majority of piano keys were kept simple and were only there for their function. The manufacturers, however, also made particularly beautiful keys with company emblem or lettering at the customer's request. These are very rarely found in the original today. We always have a selection of these rare keys and can also have authentic replicas made on request in cooperation with master belt makers and foundries.

Most pianos are suitable for standard clefs with a simple beard. Some pianos had triangular or star keys. Grand piano keys are usually longer than piano keys because they have to protrude over the edge of the lid.

If a lock has not been used for a long time, it should be removed and cleaned so that it works properly again. 

Here you can find our piano key offer.