How is a Pianola tuned?

Since it is the piano and not the pianola that is tuned, all instructions can be found in the section 'How and how often does my piano need to be tuned? ‘.

However, since the upper part of the tuning system usually has to be removed in order to reach the tuning pegs, this should only be done by a piano tuner who can also handle pianolas. Removal is usually less problematic - but when installing the instrument, the function must be restored very carefully.

In addition, during the course of the service, the pianola mechanism is also inspected, oiled at the designated points, checked and adjusted using a test roller. The main aim is to ensure that the piano and Pianola are perfectly matched to each other.

We work closely with the few experts still active today, and if necessary we can coordinate the service for your Pianola instrument. 

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