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How does an Ampico A / B roll look like?

The Ampico rolls are also based on the standard 88-note format and also have the perforations required for reproduction, so that 83 notes can be played. The Ampico rolls have a typical Ampico greenish decoration at the beginning of the roll on rather thin, brownish paper in the centre of which is a large indication of the tempo (on most other roll types this is printed just before the start of the perforations), with the note "Ampico Recording - For use only on the Ampcio Reprodusing Piano", the roll number, title and performer underneath. The boxes are mostly black with the label on the front of the box. The sides of the music rolls are made of black Bakelite, as with the '88 music rolls. There is a round eyelet at the start of the roll for attaching it to the reel. The Ampico rolls are available in large numbers in America and England as well-preserved originals. The paper is 28.6 cm wide.

S. Rachmaninoff was a major contributor to Ampico's sales success. Nevertheless, there are many fantastic pianists who have only recorded for Ampico. As with Duo-Art, the US American music repertoire is also strongly represented here with blues, ragtime, jazz and dance music.

As the Ampico B roll looks identical on the outside, we do not have a separate illustration for this.

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