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Which chandeliers belonged on the piano?

Many pianos before 1920 had original candlesticks, which were very necessary at the time and are still very decorative today. Not all households had electric light - and certainly not everywhere in the room. Piano candlesticks were therefore not only decorative - but above all important. After 1930, chandeliers were and are rarely found on pianos, if they are, then only as a visual accessory.

Nowadays, light is still important on pianos. Depending on taste, spotlights, floor lamps, music stand lamps, clamp lights etc. can be used to save energy and provide light.

If you are looking for original or matching chandeliers for your old piano, you have come to the right place. We probably have the largest collection of original piano chandeliers in the world. We can also have missing chandeliers or chandelier parts made true to the original by specialised master craftsmen. In addition, we still have illustrations of many pianos in the original documents from back then to show which chandelier models were fitted at the time. 

The original piano chandeliers of the time were usually made by specialised factories for the piano manufacturers, either specially according to drawings - or ordered from a current range at the customer's request. During the world wars, chandeliers were confiscated and also looted - or taken to safety as a precaution. In addition, the owners removed the chandeliers when electricity in the house was a sign of prosperity and these decorations on the piano went out of fashion. As a result, very few pianos from this period still have their original chandeliers. 

You can find our offer of piano chandeliers here..

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