Year of construction: 1917
Serial number: 180666
Mechanism: Welte T100 (red)
length: 2,10m

This magnificent Steinway-Welten grand piano was delivered on 22.1.1917 by Steinway from Hamburg to Freiburg. According to Steinway records, this is the twin of the Steinway Welte Grand No 180653 in our collection, which was professionally restored by order of the previous owner shortly after 2000. The piano is exceptionally well maintained and plays beautifully. The surface has been finished mainly in shellac. Due to the quality of the renovation work, the grand piano will give pleasure for many decades to come, provided it is properly cared for, installed and used. We can offer you an interesting selection of Welte castors in addition to the grand piano. Here you can find a recording of this fantastic grand piano on our YouTube channel.