1908 IBACH

Year of manufacture: 1908 Serial
number: 58681
Mechanism: Hupfeld Phonola 73
Height: 1,33m

This Ibach Phonola piano is an absolute rarity from a technical point of view, because it has - as we know from no other Hupfeld Phonola piano - a pull-out drawer below the keyboard and is a Phonola piano with upper damping. This early Hupfeld patent was discontinued for reasons unknown to us - only to be used as standard in the USA years later by AMPCIO and WELTE LICENSEE. Built in 1908, it is one of the first pianos with integrated phonola and solodant function. Until 1908 Hupfeld built the Phonola exclusively as a solo piano. The scoops and the magazine bellows are at the back of the piano. The piano is completely original including the beautiful Ibach original chandeliers. A valuable collector's and museum piece.