This example shows a frequent challenge - the restoration of an instrument that is over 100 years old, which has suffered considerably over the decades due to use and ageing - but overall still had a good substance. This beautiful salon grand piano - still from the interesting transitional period of "Grotrian, Helfferich, Schulz - Nachf. Th. Steinweg" is one of the most beautiful grand piano models from this period. The sound and dynamics are absolutely impressive and do not shy away from comparison with a small concert grand.

After a very eventful history, the grand piano was previously used for decades in schools and then stood for over 10 years in an overheated storeroom. The soundboard had cracked several times due to drying out, several strings were missing, the action was completely played out, the ivory coverings were heavily soiled and partially damaged. The body was badly damaged in several places, the lid was screwed to a board at one point of breakage, the keyboard lid was pierced twice. The grand piano was carefully restored in all parts, the surface was repolished in shellac. After about one year the renovation was completed. Today, this magnificent grand piano is in the possession of a passionate pianist in the south of France.