Used or new piano?

The advantages of a new piano - like a car - are above all being the first owner, the manufacturer's guarantee, the untouched immaculate condition, the possibility to determine the design yourself, possibly having the latest model.

Disadvantages are just as with the car the immediate loss of value of ~30-40% and also the comparatively high purchase price right at the beginning, before one can estimate if piano playing is really appealing. In addition, one is usually over-cautious with completely new and seemingly high-quality instruments and, if necessary, curbs the sometimes impetuous joy of playing with children with the typical admonitions for caution in handling the instrument.

In principle, we would always advise the purchase of a good used piano for economic reasons - preferably from a trustworthy source at a dealer or accompanied by a professional from a good private source. It is all the more important to take a look at the tips on these pages. If you take this into account, however, you can buy a very beautiful and good quality piano for relatively little money, considerably below the new prices. Especially for budget limited beginners and young families this pays off. Should you have to part with the piano again, you will suffer a smaller financial loss.

In terms of sustainability, the purchase of a used piano is also highly recommended. The most important aspect for us is that pre-1940 pianos often have their own unique character and tone, both visually and sonically.

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