In addition to these books, there are of course numerous literature worth reading on this subject. Some of the above-published books are still available (specialist retailers or Amazons, etc.) – but mostly only available on the antique markets. Take a look back here on occasion – and let me know if you can recommend certain book titles

Below are some links about Pianola. Here, too, it is worth browsing, reading and deepening – as valuable information about pianola can also be found here. Below are some links about Pianola. Here, too, it is worth browsing, reading and deepening – as valuable information about pianola can also be found here.

From my point of view, one of the best realized websites on pianola is the English site The Pianola Institute. Here you will find a lot of background information, pictures and sound material on the subject of Pianola in general and also on the various manufacturers and systems.

The English Player Piano Group has a lot of information, music examples, midifiles, articles etc. on your pages. Since England has always been one of the most important markets for pianolas, there is a large community of collectors and interesting contacts.

This English website The Player Piano Page also offers a lot of interesting information about Pianolas. At the same time, there are many sources, books, CD recordings and original advertisements to see and partly purchase.

The American Society for Mechanical Musical Instruments AMICA also provides a lot of information on your pages. You can also buy the AMICA Bulletin and have it sent.

In the forum of mechanical music digest you will find many contributions from different collectors, restorers and pianola owners. There are also extensive pictures and documents stored there and you can contact other Pianola lovers all over the world.

The video forum YouTube has meanwhile developed into a fantastic fund for image and sound recordings around the topic. Enter the different search terms and you will find a lot of beautiful videos.

The Centre for Performance History contains extensive information on the performance practice of pianists in the 18th-20th century. These insights allow a much better understanding of the note roll recordings – but the best way to illustrate this topic is the above-office book „The Golden Age“.

On this American website QRS Music Rolls you can find and order the new QRS rolls that are still available today. At the same time, you will find interesting information about the long history of QRS and the video about sheet music roll production.

Based on the already mentioned book „Fascination Player Piano“ there is a lot of additional information on this page, but also reading samples and pictures about the book. It’s worth visiting here: Player Piano Concerts.

The Society for Mechanical Musical Instruments (GSM e.V.) also offers information, articles, etc. on its website. Details of the association and membership are also described there.

The Augustinermuseum established a beautiful website for M. Welte & Söhne from Freiburg in 2004. There is now also a very nice information opportunity about the Welte note rolls – the directory of welte-Mignon note rolls.